1. Complaint Submission
    User Action: The customer fills out and submits the complaint register form on the Mercy Appliances website.
  2. Acknowledgment of Receipt
    System Action: An automatic acknowledgment email is sent to the customer confirming receipt of the complaint, along with a unique complaint reference number.
  3. Initial Review
    Internal Action: A customer service representative reviews the submitted complaint to categorize and prioritize it based on urgency and nature of the issue.
  4. Assignment to Service Team
    Internal Action: The complaint is assigned to the appropriate service team or technician who specializes in the specific appliance issue.
  5. Customer Contact
    Internal Action: A service representative contacts the customer within 24 hours to gather additional information if needed and to confirm the details of the complaint.
  6. Issue Diagnosis
    Internal Action: The assigned technician performs a preliminary diagnosis based on the provided information and prepares for an onsite visit if necessary.
  7. OnSite Visit Scheduling
    Internal Action: The service team schedules an onsite visit with the customer at their convenience, ensuring minimal disruption to the customer’s routine.
  8. Resolution Execution
    Internal Action: Mercy Appliances aims to resolve all complaints within 24 to 72 hours. The technician visits the customer’s location to diagnose and resolve the issue. In special scenarios where more time is needed, the customer is informed about the extended timeline.
  9. Completion and Feedback Request
    Internal Action: After the issue is resolved, the service team updates the complaint status to ‘Resolved’ in the system. The customer is notified via email or phone.
    User Action: The customer is requested to provide feedback on the service received.
  10. Quality Assurance Check
    Internal Action: A quality assurance representative reviews the complaint and resolution process to ensure that it met company standards.
  11. Follow Up
    Internal Action: A follow up call or email is made to the customer within a week to ensure satisfaction with the resolution and to address any further concerns.
  12. Complaint Closure
    Internal Action: The complaint is formally closed in the system, and all related documentation is archived for future reference and continuous improvement analysis.
  13. Continuous Improvement
    Internal Action: Data from complaints is analyzed periodically to identify patterns and implement improvements in products and service processes.
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