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Delivering the highest possible quality product has always been Mercy Appliances’ main priority. We have also made an effort to include cut- ting-edge technology into our products. We offer unrivalled design and reliable quality. Through our kitchen appliances, MERCY Appliances aims to make every Indian healthy and maintain purity in their lives. It is renowned for its inventive designs that improve the quality of daily life and for its robust technological performance, which has come to be synonymous with providing purity.

In our cutting-edge production facility, we conduct research, develop, and redefine the effectiveness of our products. To prevent contamination, we uphold the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. Each product is created, put together, and rigorously tested in our quality control lab in a sterile atmosphere.

Why Choose Us?

With its long history in Indian kitchens Mercy Kitchen Appliances has contently worked to provide housewives with the newest technologies and provide a pleasant and enjoyable cooking experience. We are continuously Innovating because we strive to truly under- stand our customers demands and requirements. Mercy has developed its leadership in producing better products for its customers by constantly looking into the possibilities of new designs technologies, features, and innovations for kitchen and house interiors. Our extensive nationwide network of dealers and service facilities guarantees dependable service and support for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Products from MERCY Appliances promise less fuss and more effective work because of this promise and its complete fulfillment, it has become a well-known and adored household name in the nation, making it the obvious choice for its clients.

“The Unique Interior Designer & Developer For Your Unique/Dream House & Kitchen.”

What We Do?

Mercy Modular Kitchen Decor.
  1. Vintage Style Kitchen.
  2. L-Shape Kitchen.
  3. U shape Kitchen.
  4. Straight Kitchen.
  5. Parallel Kitchen.
  6. Island Kitchen.
  7. G-Shaped Kitchen

Why Choose Us?

Mercy Home Interior.
  1. Living Room.
  2. Dining Room.
  3. Master Bedroom.
  4. Guest Room.
  5. Bathroom.

Why Choose Us?

Mercy Appliances.
  1. Kitchen Chimney.
  2. RO Water Purifier.
  3. Built-In-Oven.
  4. Built-In-Gas Hob.
  5. Cook Top.
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