Opt for sleek cabinets:

Drawers without handles and cabinets are a great way to add a sleek and modern look to your kitchen. They are also easier to clean and maintain. Install under-cabinet lights; they provide task lighting for food preparation and cooking. They can also be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen

Select smart appliances:

A smart fridge allows you to check food inventory, play music, and even switch between fridge and freezer modes. There are a variety of smart appliances available including ovens, coffee makes, cookers, and air fryers. Smart appliances can be controlled remotely, which can save you time and hassle.

Opt for table cooktop:

Table-style cooktops offer a modern and interactive cooking experience, combining a table and stove into one convenient unit, igniting a heat ring when a pot is placed on its surface.

Feature a plastic- free kitchen:

Smart kitchens are often eco-friendly spaces that encourage the use of sustainable materials and objects. Opt for sustainable materials like earthen pots, glass containers, wooden cutlery, cloth grocery bags and cane baskets. These elements not only contribute to a more environmentally conscious kitchen but also enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your culinary space.


By embracing these principles, you can truly transform your kitchen into a cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and highly-efficient smart kitchen. -

The era of rapid technological advancement, the kitchen has evolved into a centre of convenience and creativity. With cutting-edge technology that improves safety, productivity and the cooking experience, the rise of smart kitchens promises to push culinary creativity to new heights. 

Smart kitchens offer practicality, energy savings, and time-efficiency compared to traditional kitchens. The main goal is to incorporated user-friendly electronic appliances and sustainable elements, benefitting both you and the environment.

The days of carefully measuring ingredients by hand and keeping an eye on the pot on the stove are long gone from making dinner. Through smart phones, consumers can now explore new recipes, follow comprehensive cooking guidelines, and even customize their cooking conditions thanks to smart equipment like the smart cooker, smart ovens, etc. Modern aesthetics and clever design are now combined in the conventional kitchen, offering a complete reimagining of how we prepare meals.

Having Modular Storage that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is essential for a tidy kitchen; these can hold all of your kitchenware and necessities for the pantry, giving you plenty of room to walk around your kitchen. Utilizing every inch of vertical space in your kitchen cabinets is made feasible with shelf risers. It is crucial to maintain a clean and oil-free kitchen because most Indian dishes call for a large amount of oil and spices of “TADKA”. Ensuring your kitchen has adequate ventilation is among the simplest methods to get around it. For plenty of natural light and fresh air, make sure your kitchen has a large window. Another option is to spend money on a sturdy chimney. This will assist you in maintaining an oil-free, spotless kitchen. Try fitting hydraulic pantry cabinets on one side of the kitchen. It is a currently evolving décor trick that is gaining popularity. The cabinet can be wall-high with dividers to store multiple things. It de-clutters your kitchen space by keeping all the things in one place. In a way is eases out your cooking time. 

The Indian consumer and their needs have evolved in the last two decades. Since the advent of smartphones, our imagination, and expectations from technology have only grown. This is evident in the increasing demand for smart and connected home appliances. We want the right tools for the right jobs. Our expectations from our appliances are they anticipate our needs and wants and adapt.

They take pride in their choices and are well-travelled and willing to explore. Truly smart and connected appliances will be able to differentiate themselves by letting these consumers treat their homes a expressions of their personalities. 

The most significant shift we have seen in the kitchen, where sophisticated appliances work alongside owners to create delicious meals. With the correct hardware, these internet-connected machines can cook meals from start to finish and provide an infinite number of recipes whenever desired. Owners are no longer concerned with the chopping, stirring, or cooking of a meal. Instead, customers get to enjoy a home- cooked meal after simply selecting what they want to eat.

Technology Used in Chimneys –

Copper Motor-

Energy efficient: Chimneys from the house of Mercy Appliances are highly energy-efficient. The lamps illuminate a wider surface but consume less power; this makes them handy for viewing your countertops easily. This unique feature makes our chimneys eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. Mercy Appliances aims to offer products which are not only elegant but also innovative. The built-in lights in our chimneys elevate your cooking experience by illuminating your preparation counter and cooktop. Since it consumes low power, you can rest assured about your energy bills and consumption being on the lower side. The best part is that within minutes, there won’t be a trace of smoke or oil in your kitchen

Motion SensorEnabled with motion sensor technology, our cutting-edge chimneys can detect any movement in front of them. This is a unique feature that gives our chimneys a futuristic edge. The motion sensor feature enables the chimneys to be switched on with just the wave of a hand. This makes the chimneys extremely easy- to- use and provides a handy alternative to the chimney’s monitoring which even children can control. The motion sensor feature keeps away the need for any complicated instructions for using the chimneys. The trusted brand of  Mercy Appliances has come up with high-end chimneys, equipped with innovative kitchen chimney design in India.

Baffle FilterMade from stainless steel, our chimneys come with baffle filters which effectively push the oil and residue to collect inside the baffle. The grease-saturated air is forced to change directions repeatedly. As the grease droplets are slower than air, hence they get condensed inside the metal blades and end up getting collected in the filter tray. The baffle filtration method offers an add-on benefit by ensuring that flames don’t spread, in case a fire breaks out. This is due to the presence of the grease trap. The ease of cleaning baffle filters makes them a great choice. Also, these stainless steel filters can be washed without difficulty even in the dishwasher. Moreover, the complete metal design helps it to score high on the durability factor. Our product range is hailed as one of best quality kitchen chimney in India.

Oil Cup Collector: Indian cooking involves a lot of deep-frying and high-heat cooking for longer periods. Most of the dishes in the Indian cuisine derive their authentic flavor from the extensive use of oil. Hence, it is only obvious that grease-stained kitchens are a common sight in Indian households. Grease on the walls and exhaust fans are never easy to clean and cleaning them often is a time-consuming and tiring task. To overcome this drawback, Mercy Appliances have come up with chimneys having oil-collector cups. The grease –filled droplets rise up with the hot air and smoke, finally getting collected in the oil-collector cup. Chimneys play a pivotal role in maintaining the health of those who are involved in kitchen chores for long periods.

Metal blowerMetal blowers ensure maximum suction and durability. The metal blowers are connected to a duct system. The metal blower eliminates the task of replacement of filters at regular intervals. Thus they elongate the life term of the chimney. They also help to remove the excess heat in the kitchen area. The metal blowers help the chimneys to exhaust all kinds of air-borne contamination. Our classy chimneys give a sophisticated look to any kitchen and have been designed while keeping in mind the needs of modern homes. When in doubt about which chimney to buy, always look out for those with robust metal blowers.

Powerful MotorMercy Appliances: presents Chimneys enabled with Powerful motor with high suction capacity, longer operational life, less power consumption, and less noise. What more could one ask for? The high suction capacity ensures that the smoke is sucked out quickly. Being energy-efficient, this chimney is a must-have in your kitchen. The motor is not just power-packed but is also robust in built and is highly durable. This extends the longevity of the appliance no matter your usage. Now opt for a chimney that has it all-looks and power. What’s more? The operation is almost silent and the chimney produces very low noise.

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